The Real Lifeblood of Any 6-Figure Home Business and How to Create It

What is the real lifeblood behind any 6-figure home business/Internet business? Some may say it’s the product, others will say it’s the marketing. If you think it’s marketing, you’re right! While the product is important for generating more sales and building a loyal customer base that buys repeatedly from you, the key to home business success lies in having a marketing strategy that works in generating traffic and leads.

Now that you know what the real lifeblood a successful home business is, here is how to create it:

1. Use Proven Marketing Tactics

You don’t have time to waste. Don’t spend time and money on promotional methods like traffic exchanges, classified advertising or forum marketing in the beginning as these methods don’t generate quick results and are not the best investment of your time (you can use these methods later on when you have a solid traffic foundation). Use proven marketing tactics that work – these include article marketing and pay per click advertising. These two strategies are proven and solid, so use them and master them!

2. Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan!

Create a plan for article marketing and another plan for pay per click marketing. Then start working your plan! Decide how many articles you want to write per day and stick to the goal. You will see traffic if you have this bloody mindedness about you and be deadly efficient in achieving your goals. Optimize your pay per click campaigns for higher profitability by adding in new keywords, cutting out ineffective ones and constantly split-testing your ad copy.

Making the Most Out of Your Work From Home Business and Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a godsend for budding entrepreneurs who are seeking to promote their services online. They work on the simple principle of linking their site to yours, thus, all of their visitors will most likely be your visitors as well, increasing internet traffic to your site. Through affiliating your business website with a well-known company, you can be assured that its visitors can take it as an endorsement, thus encouraging them to visit your site. Affiliate companies are so named because their product line is similar to yours or complimenting yours. However, finding the right affiliate program can be difficult, especially if you are just beginning.

Once you have found the right affiliate program for you, it’s smooth sailing all the way. This method of marketing is already very popular on the internet. Affiliate marketing features a website, host, or merchant that allows you to sell your products directly or indirectly on his or her website, and you only have to pay for a small amount as commission.

The host of ads and pop-ups when you surf casually on the internet serves as proof of how powerful and effective internet advertising is. Many companies have already ridden on this “wave of the future,” preferring to post ads on the internet so as to reach a wider target market and save some money at the same time. Internet advertising is often less expensive than printing out flyers or paying for spaces on newspapers, television, or the radio.

In contrast with establishing your company in the real world, online businesses can already work even if a relatively lower capital was invested. You don’t have to pay for renting an office space, electricity costs, water costs, or new equipment when you establish your business online. You can easily advertise your company and your services by going to forums or putting your search engine to work by searching for websites that offer free advertising space. Some do require a fee for putting your name on their website, but it is often quite cheaper.

You can get inspiration for a home-based business or job by looking at websites with user-generated content, such as Wikipedia. User-generated content (UGC) is all the rage nowadays due to its openness to collaboration between anyone and everyone who can contribute information about a topic. You can work as a professional content writer, someone who can provide big websites with text that will make their website more attention-grabbing. As in UGC websites, you can see that the world is full of different perspectives and viewpoints, so why not add yours?

How to Double Your Business and Magnetically Attract Recruits to You MLM Business

I remember it like it was yesterday…

About 10 or 11 years ago I was at an annual meeting and like many events like these they had brought in some marketing guru to give a couple hour mini-course.

I don’t remember much about what he was talking about except the one thing that I had never heard before. It got my attention because everything I had ever been taught before completely contradicted what he was saying!

At that time I owned a window film business for almost 10 years. We sold and installed a film that is put on windows to block out the sun’s UV rays, heat, and glare… very popular in the hot sunny climate Florida has. Every company that I knew always promoted the product they carried i.e. 3M, Llumar, SunGard what ever particular window film they carried. The idea was to convince the homer owner that your particular product was better than the rest.

But, this guru much to the dislike of the manufacturer that brought him there said. . . “you want the client to remember you and your company not the particular product you sell.” This meant that you should brand yourself not the product. You want people to remember YOU when they refer someone.

This was a one of those moments that stays with you the rest of your life!

It changed my whole way of looking at business. Everything from what I would say to a client to the way I would advertize to the way I would market my company will never be the same.

By making myself and my personal company the “expert” and be there for my client as a consultant meant that what ever product I suggested to them… they would trust to be the best
for their situation.

Boy, I had no idea what power that gave me over the competition! I was able to double my sales in the small town I was doing business in every year for the following 4 years! Most of the sales started coming from referrals that were even easier to sell because I had already been introduced as “the expert that knew what he was doing!”

This same way of thinking is what you should have in your network marketing business. If you go out there and try to sell people on your particular business, then you are another person trying to pawn of their products as the best. Your prospect or customer is only going to evaluate your product line and see if they can purchase that product from somewhere else cheaper, and they will make their decision only based on money.

Now, if you come to the same prospect as an expert in your field. . . they will look at you completely different. They will look at you as an expert that can help them with what ever issues
they are having.

Once you help them they will become, what this guru called “Apostles” or people that will tell everyone about you and then people are attracted to you.

This is called the law of attraction. Apply it and see your business grow!

The best part about it is, you can do this in your online network marketing campaigns and create an online-recruiting- machine that will attract the right people to you automatically.

Keep on the lookout for more info on how easy this could be done.